What Others Feel About MIS

What Others Feel About MIS

At Manchester International School, teachers are well learnt to nurture the innate talents of students in order to facilitate the students to grow and build a complete personality, much to their passion and liking! The vision of the management has vivaciously helped students to widen their horizon of thinking and they have now turned out to be more focused in their endeavors. The school has to be complimented for providing such a well planned music training schedule, which remains the perfect example of effective time management. Creating the conditions to help students succeed and witnessing their success is also one of the most satisfying, motivating, and joyous feelings that the teachers have in Manchester International School!

- Mr. C. Sathya - Film Music Director

Each one of the students is unique and each of you have your own personal skills, thoughts, motivation and fears that allow you to take on the incredible responsibilities of running an International school. So too, each school is unique. Far beyond control is the size and location of the building, the learning needs of the students, the variety of families and of courses, the skills and experience of staff members. All these factors play a huge part in creating a most conducive environment of your school. Manchester International School does hold this unique accomplishment in its sustained growth and development over the years in Coimbatore.

- - Dr. K.Vijayakarthikeyan, I.A.S. - Commissioner

It is with heartfelt appreciation and deep respect that I thank Manchester International School for all your splendid efforts to contribute towards the manifestation of the hidden talents of your school students as well as your passionate endeavour to spearhead a legacy called Manchester International School that shall always be ingrained in the memories of your students! The unending dedication towards the wellbeing of your students, dedication towards your mission, and most primarily the dedication towards the betterment of the community is perceived to be truly commendable!

- Mr. K. Arjunan - MLA (Coimbatore South)

Manchester International School is an Institution catering to excellent education and a beautiful academy. All parents should be proud of the students studying here because the students here will excel in life and prosper happily in the future.

- Thiru. Malarmannan – Principal Sub-judge Coimbatore

Manchester International School believes in hands on and practical learning and this is what I saw when I visited the school for the first time. Teachers and all students looked very happy and enthusiastic. MIS gives importance to Co curricular activities which could be reflected in the many events they organize from time to time. It is a great place for students to study.

- Mr. Kumarasamy – IPS (Former DGP)

Thank you for your warm hospitality. Manchester International School has such a high caliber of students which is always exciting to see. We are always glad to see such hard workers and strong, successful students. Thank you for hosting us on such a beautiful campus. We are very excited to see your new schools develop in India and around the world over the coming years. We are excited to return to see the development that is to come.

– Caitlind Anderson – University of Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario – Canada

Thank you for your hospitality, I was very impressed by your beautiful campus, state-of-the-art facilities, very high quality of your students and excellent management of the Manchester International School ! The staff members are very nice and helpful as well! Thanks again, and it is indeed a very wonderful experience for me to visit your school! All the Best!

– Yuexin Wang – University of Guelph, Ontario – Canada

Thank you for hosting us. We are very impressed by the quality of students in Manchester International School . Some very interesting questions were asked by students. Interaction with parents was valuable. And of course the buildings and infrastructure is beautiful.

– Maria Mathai – University of Alberta – Canada


It was an honor to be a part of Manchester International School ’s Annual Day Event. The splendid performance seen was the result of hard work of students and dedication of their teachers. I have never seen a show like this before. It felt, as if I was sitting inside a surround sound movie theater. For the first time, I have come across a schools’ performance portrayed in the form of a movie; this is something very innovative and creative.

                                                                                                                                           – Mr. P.V.K. Deivendran – President of Advocate Association (Theni District)


I have never seen students so motivated in their work. They were so engaged! The teachers are very dedicated and have a focus for students’ progress. The students are open-minded and willing to take ownership of their work and development.

Mr. Rauf Pirzada – Chairman (Suntel Media Solution – UAE)


Manchester International School accomplishments in such a short span of time are quite inspiring and outstanding. The school displays a warm, welcoming atmosphere with most impressive facilities. I look forward to supporting the school in all ways and recommend it strongly.

– Mr. Abu Abdullah – Industrialist (Saudi Arabia)


Manchester International School is one of the best schools in the country, providing intellectual education. It has great infrastructure and facilities which are beyond imagination; it’s a place where students talk about books and strong Co-curricular life.

– Mr. Arumugasamy – Chairman (Senthil Group of company)


Manchester International School is a fantastic school. Teachers and the entire faculty are qualified, encouraging and motivate the students all the time. Good ethos! Children are quite well behaved and disciplined.

– Mr. P.S. Rangasamy – Chairman (PSR Groups)


Continuous Professional Development forms a significant part of every school’s Quality Assurance Protocol. As a trainer in international curriculums, I appreciate the commitment that the school has in organising CPD programmes regularly. While conducting one such programme, I was impressed by the teachers’ openness to learning. Manchester International School is constantly working towards competency in all spheres.

– Viola Krishnamani – CEO at Scholarius Educational Services


Manchester International School is one of my favorite schools in the country. It has fantastic group of teachers! They are gifted, collaborative and understanding tutors who keep student desires a priority.” This is an excellent school with unique facilities! I could see joy, purpose and real learning! I am so impressed with the overall infrastructure that I would recommend anyone for the school.

Mr. Shiva – Founder (Dhakshina Foundation)


My visit to was a splendid enlightening experience. The students smiling faces, full of enthusiasm were evidence of the rich and strong educational atmosphere they were a part of. It was a pleasure to meet the entire faculty of Manchester International School who were very dedicated and motivated.

– Mr. Ravi Shankar – DSP (Coimbatore)


What a super performance by the students. I appreciate the teachers for giving such training. My son is also a Cambridge student but unfortunately not in Coimbatore. Such type of infrastructure is not available in his school. Schools like Manchester International School nurture the strengths of each child. Students have a long-term vision here to think about business and entrepreneurship; this is only possible because of the right education and perspective that is given by Manchester. The people and the management are very committed here.

– Mr. Juczer – Managing director Nanological Innovative technological company



Manchester International School has the perfect combination of great infrastructure and superior teaching staff. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, admidst tranquil surroundings, ideal to ignite young minds with quality education.

– Shainaz Jussa – Jolly Phonics Trainer