What Our Students Say

What Our Students Say

"Studying at Manchester has given me a chance to gain new experiences and opened my thoughts to look at the world in a different manner. I am so happy in Manchester which is the top rated school in India." - Babita Bisht, Enrolled in 2014, Now Studying in Grade 10


"After studying a course at Manchester International School under the Cambridge curriculum, I feel that I could cope up with the more demanding aspects of the subjects, and look forward a bright future." - Uttam Sriram, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"Studying and researching at Manchester International School is an amazing experience, from the classroom experience to its amazing teaching methodologies’ that you are exposed to... It's like gaining a new knowledge every time. All the skills in my curriculum have aided my career development and advancement. It is a life changing investment for me. No doubt that Manchester International School awarded as one of the the best international schools in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, and India. " - Mohammed Ibrahim, Enrolled in 2012, Now Studying in Grade 10


"Studying at Manchester International School provides an enjoyable opportunity to engage with up-to-date academic ideas in a variety of disciplines, with like-minded people, guided by passionate and educated teachers. This is the only best IGCSE school in coimbatore.Thank you team manchester!" - Rashika Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 9


"Studying with Manchester International School is a wonderful experience. It is both, an intellectual and an emotional challenge. The cultural mix and the brilliant friends I have, make me walk the extra mile in my personal development journey." - Anjani, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"The choices that Manchester International School offers are so enticing - full of practical and hands-on experience, apart from that, it gives a good balance of curricular and extra-curricular activities. MIS changed my life a lot. I believe Manchester International School is the pathway to my higher studies in best universities" - Kaviya, Enrolled: Enrolled in 2012, Now Studying in Grade 10


"Being at Manchester International School is a great experience. The support offered is tremendous and it feels great to be taught in small classes by experts in their field. Manchester International School is a beautiful place and a lovely environment to pursue learning. What a great opportunity." - Nitesh Kumar, Enrolled in 2012, Now Studying in Grade 8


"The International Curriculum at Manchester International School is helping me immensely. I am able to understand the concepts in a better way. I am really impressed with the panel of teachers and the facilities it offers. It is a great school with excellent tutors and great fellow students. I am so happy to see the school awarded as best international school in India." - Jaisree, Enrolled in 2012, Now Studying in Grade 10


"My experience of studying with Manchester International School has been a very happy and fruitful for the past 4 years. I enjoy the teaching experience given in the class and also the time I spend in the Art gallery and sports field. The school is a great place to study!" - Ambrish, Enrolled in 2013, Now Studying in Grade 10


"I am enjoying studying at Manchester International School so much. It is an Institute which offers growth and positive thinking in all the fields." - Shaliga, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"My experience at Manchester International School has been unique. I always get best understanding and help from all the faculty members. It is giving me the perfect freedom to broaden my knowledge." - Khaled Usman, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"There are many activities you can explore in the school, ranging from robotics to theme based Smart board applications.” - Ramswroop , Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11

"Manchester International School has given me the right foundations for starting career as well as it is helping me gain confidence in my own abilities and knowledge." - Adhav, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"I chose Manchester International School because of its reputation for being the best International school in Coimbatore with a dedicated department for each and every course." - Samriddi, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 9


"My favourite school is Manchester International School, all its teachers are nice and friendly, ready to help everyone every time - Shaarshiban, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"Studying at Manchester International School has helped me to develop an appreciation for mathematics and other important subjects." - Smile, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 9


"Learning the way Manchester International School teaches theories and facts really excites me!" - Upasana, Enrolled in 2016, Now Studying in Grade 11


"For me Manchester International School is a unique establishment where life-long memories are formed. People from different cultures and backgrounds are treated with respect and dignity fuelled by guidance and encouragement from the teaching team, as well as supported by excellent resources. There are many opportunities to get involved within the school life. The Manchester International School is one of  the best CBSE schools in coimbatore, India." - R.Aditya, Grade 7


"My life at Manchester International School has been life-changing. The subjects are taught by outstanding teachers. The school is strategically located between the airport and city centre. The town is beautiful and clean." - Sam, Grade 7


"Manchester International School has the best modern campus to attend. There are so many great facilities which help improve our academic skills and help with our professional progress. All the staff members and teachers are very, very helpful." - Uzma, Grade 6


"The experience of being a student at Manchester International School is amazing. The school has well-designed campus, the classes are well-taught, the extracurricular studios are amazing and the library is excellent. The service from the all team members is amazing and everyone is very helpful. I can proudly say that Manchester is one of the best International Schools in India " - Pranesh, Grade 10


"I’m feeling pleased to join Manchester International School. The staff hospitality is immeasurable. It's highly endowed with a culture of unity in diversity. It provides the right environment, modern facilities and academic techniques to enrich my career growth." - Bharat, Grade 8


“The staff at Manchester International School has been incredibly welcoming and supportive to me. They have fully taken into account my personal circumstances. I have found the standard of teaching to be very high, and the teaching techniques to be interesting and intellectually stimulating. It feels happy to hear that the school constantly receives best schools awards.”-  Viraj, Grade 11


‘I am very comfortable and thoroughly enjoying my time at Manchester International School. I get good support from teachers, staff and tutors. I very much look forward to the educational opportunities it presents. And Manchester International School has its beautiful kindergarten floor where my sister is enjoying like anything... I love to see that too... Myself and my parent are happy that my syster stdying in the best kindergarten school in Coimbatore. - Sharina, Grade 6


“Studying at Manchester International School is like a dream come true because it gives me an opportunity to learn what I am exactly thinking to pursue. The campus is lively and filled with chances to fulfill my goals. The teachers are not only friendly but also practically driven. The staff members also care for the future career of students and organize many university visits throughout the year. Manchester is the best CBSE School in Coimbatore.”- Subash, Grade 8