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Navigating High School at Manchester International School A Tailored Approach for Grades 9 & 10

Manchester International School offers a dynamic learning environment that caters to the evolving needs of both Grade 9 and 10 students. While enthusiasm for intramural and interschool competitions burns bright in Grade 9, Grade 10 students typically find themselves gravitating towards academic pursuits. The school recognizes this natural shift and tailors its approach accordingly.

Academic Rigor

Manchester International School is known for its emphasis on academic excellence. We have a strong culture of high-impact teaching and learning, which means that teachers are passionate about their subjects and use engaging methods to make sure students understand the material

Regular assessments help track progress and identify areas where students need more support. Monthly tests and parent conferences build confidence and keep parents informed about their child's academic performance.

The school provides extra classes for students who need additional support, ensuring that no one gets left behind. This personalized approach caters to diverse learning styles and helps each student reach their full potential.

Focus on High Achievers

While Manchester International School prioritizes support for all students, they also recognize the need to challenge high achievers. They provide focused attention and opportunities for these students to excel, such as participation in competitive exams or advanced academic programs.

Cocurricular Activities

The school understands the importance of a well-rounded education and offers a variety of co-curricular activities within reasonable limits. This allows students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and socialize with their peers.

For Grade 9

Embrace the Spirit of Competition: Manchester International School encourages active participation in intramural and interschool competitions. This provides a platform for your child to develop teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship skills while igniting healthy competition and school spirit.

For Grade 10

Sharpen the Academic Edge In Grade 10, the focus shifts towards academic rigor. The curriculum becomes more intensive, preparing students for upcoming board exams and higher education goals. Manchester International School's experienced faculty provides comprehensive support to ensure student success.

Second Semester - A Time for Refinement

The second semester in both grades takes on a unique flavor

Mock Exams and Refinement

For Grade 10, this period is dedicated to mock exams and self-reflection. These simulated experiences provide valuable preparation for the actual exams, while personalized reflections allow students to identify areas for improvement and refine their study strategies.

Extended Academic Support

Recognizing the increased pressure during the second semester, Manchester International School offers additional academic support to both grades. This might include small group sessions, targeted interventions, and expert guidance from subject matter specialists.

Aligning Your Child's Goals with the Curriculum

At Manchester International School, the curriculum is designed to be flexible and dynamic, catering to diverse learning styles and academic aspirations. Whether your child is drawn to specific subjects, pursues a specific career path, or simply seeks a strong foundation for further education, the school's curriculum is designed to nurture individual goals and ensure success.