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Performing Arts

Unlocking the Artistic Potential at Manchester

At Manchester International School, we believe in nurturing the holistic development of our students. One of the ways we achieve this is through our comprehensive and dynamic Performing Arts program. Our dedication to providing quality training enables our students to excel in their skills while fostering essential attributes that extend far beyond the stage.

Music and Dance as Fundamental Components

Music and dance play a pivotal role in our curriculum, instilling discipline, endurance, analytical skills, and a sense of community. Our journey with music education begins early, as even our youngest students, starting from age 2 in our kindergarten, are immersed in songs and music integrated throughout their curriculum. As students’ progress from Pre-Kindergarten through Secondary School, the opportunities for music education continue to expand in variety, depth, and difficulty.

This progression allows parents to witness their child's artistic development, giving them insight into their growth throughout the year. Beyond artistic expression, our Performing Arts Department equips students with transferable skills that they can carry into the wider world.

Diverse Performing Arts Offerings

The Manchester International School Performing Arts Department offers a wide array of programs and opportunities, including:

Stage Productions: Engage in captivating performances that showcase talent and creativity.

Technology in Performance: Incorporate modern technology to enhance artistic presentations.

Mime and Movement: Learn the art of expression through non-verbal communication.

Improvisation: Develop quick thinking, creativity, and adaptability.

Classical & Western Dance: Explore a variety of dance styles, nurturing both tradition and innovation.

Specialist Workshops: Delve into specialized areas of performing arts to hone specific skills.

Stimulating Education Excellence through Drama Standards: Elevate the academic experience through drama education.

Academic and Personal Growth through Drama

Our drama programs have consistently demonstrated transformative effects on students' academic aptitude, leading to:

Greater concentration, leading to improvements in test scores, confidence in writing skills, benefiting all types of learners, enhanced English competency and language arts skills, increased self-confidence, fostering respect for peers improved group working skills, a streamlined approach to writing.

The Many Benefits of Performing Arts

Engaging in the performing arts provides invaluable advantages to our students, both within the classroom and as extracurricular activities. Numerous studies indicate that involvement in the arts leads to better child growth and higher student achievement.

1. Higher Academic Success: Research shows that exposure to drama, music, and dance enhances reading, writing, and math skills, contributing to higher academic achievement.

2. Confidence and Self-Presentation Skills: The performing arts empower children to present themselves before audiences, boosting self-confidence and teaching them mature communication skills.

3. Medium for Self-Expression: The arts offer a means for deep self-expression, helping children make sense of their emotions and convey their feelings in creative ways.

4. Problem Solving and Willpower: Performing arts foster independence, cooperation, and the ability to adapt to various challenges, promoting critical thinking and creativity.

5. Empathy and Concern: Students in performing arts learn the value of teamwork, empathy, and compassion, enhancing their interpersonal skills and broadening their perspectives.

By encouraging our child's participation in performing arts, will provide them with a well-rounded education that enriches their lives, both academically and personally. Embrace the transformative power of the arts at Manchester International School- the best school of India.

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