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Manchester International School - Uniting Students Through Houses

At Manchester International School, we believe in nurturing more than just academic excellence. Our mission is to foster holistic growth, leadership, and a sense of community among our students. The heart of this endeavor is our vibrant and dynamic Houses System, which brings together students across grade levels, encouraging unity, compassion, determination, and loyalty.

Key Benefits of the House System

Building a Strong Community:

The House System is the cornerstone of building a strong and close-knit community within Manchester International School. Each student becomes a part of one of the four houses: Chetak (Red House), Pankti (Blue House), Kanthaka (Yellow House), and Sarangi (Green House). These houses create a sense of belonging and solidarity that extends beyond the classroom.

Healthy Competition:

Throughout the year, our four houses engage in friendly but spirited competitions. These challenges include academic quizzes, sports events, cultural festivals, and community service projects. The healthy competition not only adds excitement to school life but also instills values of sportsmanship and fair play.

Leadership Development:

The House System provides an excellent platform for students to develop leadership skills. House captains and prefects are selected based on their dedication, responsibility, and leadership qualities. They work closely with school staff to organize house events, mentor younger students, and ensure the smooth functioning of the houses.

Positive Peer Pressure:

By fostering interaction across grade levels, the House System encourages positive peer pressure. Younger students look up to their older peers, while older students set an example for responsible leadership. This dynamic creates an environment where students inspire each other to excel.

The Four Houses at Manchester International School

Chetak (Red House): The emblem of Chetak represents courage and determination. Red symbolizes passion, energy, and the drive to achieve one's goals.

Pankti (Blue House): The blue emblem stands for unity and compassion. Blue represents trust, responsibility, and the sense of belonging to a larger community.

Kanthaka (Yellow House): The yellow emblem signifies loyalty and steadfastness. Yellow embodies friendship, trust, and unwavering commitment to one's house.

Sarangi (Green House): The green emblem reflects growth and harmony. Green represents balance, development, and a commitment to nurturing the environment and each other.

At Manchester International School, we prepare our students not only for academic success but for leadership in life. Unlock your potential, grow as a leader, and embrace the rich diversity of our school community through our Houses System. We look forward to welcoming you to our Manchester International School family!

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